Our Dogs Who Need a Home Pleased to introduce Sal, newest pup to the OADR family!! Sal was rescued from a high kill shelter in Kentucky, scared and confused. He was a happy fella as soon as he got in the car for his freedom ride!! Sal is approximately 1 year old, he is a terrier mix around 25-30 lbs. He gets along well with dogs and cats, is housebroken and a great car rider! He does well in the house ...doesn't like to be crated. Loves to be close to his humans. His favorite pastimes include playing with kids, begging for treats, riding shotgun with the air conditioner blowing in face and using armrest for pillow when traveling! Sal needs help with donation towards his vetting. If you can please help by etransfer or paypal to ouranglesdr@gmail.comSal can come to Canada if foster/adoptive home found. Email us if you are interested in this amazing, happy and lucky boy. Fancy is an adorable shepherd mix 1 year old at 50 lbs. She is sweet and loving and a bit shy at meeting new people but she is warming up quickly. She is loving the food and she loves to learn new things. This beautiful girl was found as a stray and never claimed by anyone. We will never understand why since she is loving, beautiful and smart. Fancy would benefit from an active home as she loves the outdoors. Hard not to fall in love with this beautiful girl. If you would like to offer her a foster/adoptive home please email us at ourangelsdr@gmail.com Meet Sienna heeler border collie mix female, around 1 year old. She is good with dogs and has a sweet personality. She was picked up as a stray and was never claimed by the owners. Happy Valentines day beautiful girl. If you are interested in fostering/adopting her, please send us an email to ourangelsdr@gmail.com Diesel is a beautiful 1 year old blue heeler mix. He spent the first few months of his life always being tied, he was not able to run free and explore. Sadly this beautiful boy didn't get the attention he so badly needed and wasn't shown or taught basic obedience. All this boy wants is to sit on your lap, give you hugs or to be carried in your arms, how could someone not want to show this boy he is loved? Diesel is around 40 lbs, he is super sweet and very affectionate and is very much like a big puppy! He is a submissive boy. He walks well on a leash but will need help learning commands and is working on housetraining. Diesel loves all dogs and plays with puppies. Diesel deserves to have the chance to run freely and play with his family, learn to swim, hike, play fetch and be shown that there is more to life than being tied outside. Diesel does like to bark but he is just being chatty and needs some help learning not to do this. Diesel is scared to ride in cars. This boy needs a second chance at life with his forever family.  Dexter is a 6 year old sweet boy who was found as a stray. He’s a Hound/Lab mix with a gorgeous face. We can’t understand how no one could be out there looking to bring him back home. He has a very sweet personality and adores every person he meets. Dexter gets along with all dogs, too. He would be so happy if someone could see the love and devotion in his eyes. Dexter is doing very well on a leash and loves all the attention he’s been getting. He’ll need some help and reminders with potty training. This boy did not deserve to be left alone to fend for himself. He deserves a nice home, a loving family and a big yard to romp around in all day. If you think you’re the right family for Dexter, please send an email to ourangelsdr@gmail.com Please not Dexter is in our boarding and he needs foster/ adoptive home commitment so we could bring him home. Tyra, beautiful and smart female shepherd border collie mix, around 1 year old. She is around 54 lbs and a bit underweight but she is young and still has a puppy nature. This beautiful girl is a bit shy at first but she is warming up with her people around. Tyra loves to be active and she would love to spend time with her family exploring and running. she would love to learn how to play as her previous owners sadly did not show her toys or how to play. This beautiful girl is waiting and hoping that someone will fall in love with her. This girl is eager to please. Tyra needs foster/adoptive home in order for us to bring her to Canada. if you are interested in helping this amazing girl please email us to ourangelsdr@gmail.com. Thank you! (Adoption pending) Meet little Cosmo, 1 year old chi weighting 10,5 lbs. Cosmo was stray in a shelter, and has never been claimed by his owners. He is shy at first but sweet and he just wants to be near you. We will post more information and pictures soon. Cosmo needs foster/adoptive home in order for us to bring him to Canada. If you are interested in helping this boy please email us to ourangelsdr@gmail.com Raven is sweet and loving female Sheepdog terrier mix, around 2 years old, 31 lbs. This beautiful girl was a stray and very sad in a shelter. She was groomed due to severe matting. Raven is a very good girl with sweet disposition. We will post more information soon. Raven is in need of foster/adoptive home. If you would like to foster her with option to adopt, please email us to ourangelsdr@gmail.com Meet Oatis, a beautiful shepherd mix, around 1- 1,5 years old. This sweet and friendly boy is great with all dogs and loves people. He would love an active home as he loves to play and run. Oatis needs foster/adoptive home so we can bring him to Canada. If you are interested in this beautiful boy, please email us to ourangelsdr@gmail.com Meet little Miss Wanda, 1 year old Chi, 10 lbs and sister to Cosmo. This beautiful girl came to shelter as a stray and was never claimed by anyone. We will post more pictures and information. She has been just saved and we can say she is very sweet and loving. A bit shy at first but how could she not be finding herself in a shelter with big dogs around her. Wanda needs foster /adoptive home. Please email us to ourangelsdr@gmail.com if you are interested in helping her. Thank you! Mickey is a sweet and loving boy who was overlooked in a high kill shelter likely because you cannot see dog’s personality behind the bars where dog’s body is frozen from the fear. But we saw what an amazing boy he really is. Mickey is possibly cur/boxer mix and he is 1 year old around, weighs 40 lbs. He  is very sweet, loving and great with dogs. He loves people. Mickey needs foster/adoptive home in order for us to bring him to Canada. If you are interested in Mickey, please email us to ourangelsdr@gmail.com Thank you! Meet Connor, beautiful male shepard mix around 10 months old. Very smart boy with huge heart and beautiful personality. He loves his people and dogs. Another unclaimed amazing dog who found himself in a scary shelter without much hope. All we know for now is that he is smart, very eager to please, friendly and just a wonderful boy who would make incredible addition to any active family. (Adoption pending) We would like you to meet Sasha. This sweet, kind girl was heartbroken when her owner surrendered her to a high kill shelter. Sasha is around 1 ½ years old and is a German shepherd, boxer mix with possibly some great dane. She has the cutest under bite and we think it just adds to her beautiful bright smile. She has the sweetest face and will be more than happy to thank you in kisses. Sasha has the height of a German shepherd and is a large girl. She weighs 50 pounds but needs to gain another 10-15 pounds to be her ideal weight. Sasha is house broken and walks well on a leash and she is crate trained. Sasha is a very athletic girl and would be happy going on long walks and hikes but is also very happy to snuggle up on the couch beside you! Sasha should go to a family that has a doggie friend for her to play with. She is great with all dogs but can be a little nervous of new situations and another dog would reassure her that everything is ok. It just takes her a little longer to understand that she is in a safe place. Sasha is in the USA and needs a foster/adoptive family to come to Canada. If you would like to help Sasha please send us an email at ourangelsdr@gmail.com